how i persuade my daughter

ever since i got scholarship for master degree, i have more time to be at home with my daughter. she’s 3 year-old. lately it’s hard to tell her to take a bath. she always has excuses not to. if we force her, she’ll cry and get mad. so we must find a way to persuade her. this morning she refused to take a bath and prefer to watch children song video clip. the girls on the clip are singing and dancing and they look happy. i suddenly remembered we have a book with a picture of a poor girl lying on a bed. she’s so skinny and sick because she’s suffering from malnutrition.
so i had an idea to compare the girls on tv with the girl in the book. i told my daughter that the girls on tv are happy and pretty because they take a bath and have meal everyday but the poor girl in the book doesn’t like to take a bath and have meal. i asked her to choose which one she would become. she chose the girls on tv. so i said to her that she had to take a bath right now.
she agreed but she wanted to drink her milk first and then she would take a bath. and so it was.
well i lied a little about the poor girl in the book, but at least i made my daughter to take a bath this morning. but i have to find another way next time if this one doesn’t work anymore 🙂