pemilu 2009, masih mau golput juga?

pemilu 2009 sudah semakin dekat. ada 34 partai yang lolos seleksi dan berhak mencoba mendapatkan kesempatan turut serta mewakili rakyat untuk mengatur negeri tercinta Indonesia. sebagian dari kita mungkin bingung untuk memilih sehingga seperti pemilu-pemilu sebelumnya muncul niat untuk menjadi golput saja alias tidak memilih.

setidaknya ada 3 alasan orang untuk menjadi golput. Continue reading “pemilu 2009, masih mau golput juga?”

Indonesia National Single Window (INSW)

Indonesia’s export import activities have a new online system today called Indonesia NSW, The system enables trader to submit regulatory documents through the internet. The procedure to get licence such as customs declarations, applications for import/export permits, and others from related Government of Agency (GOA) has been simplified.

The main purposes for having a Single Window for a country or economy is to increase the efficiency through time and cost savings for traders in their dealings with various government authorities for obtaining the relevant clearance and permit(s) for moving cargoes across national or economic borders

Right now only five GOA has been involved ie. The Directorate General of Custom, National Agency of Food and Drug Control, Indonesia Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Indonesia Fishery Quarantine Agency and the Directorate General of International Trade. However, according to minister of Finance as a head of NSW task force it covers 80 % of export import activities in Indonesia

INSW system installed at the Tanjung Priok port where 60 % of export import activites in Indonesia for a trial. At the moment, 100 priority importers hold their privilledge using the system. The number either the port or importer and exporter will be increase shortly due to the consistency, simplicity, transparency and efficiency of the whole system.

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