Bring home a newly born baby in comfort

My sister-in-law is at her seventh month of pregnancy now, so there are a couple of months left to prepare things for her baby. Since it will be her first experience to have a baby, she and her husband sometimes consult us about things they should prepare. Like a wise man say “There’s always a first time”. I remember those times when I was about to be a father. I kept asking The Man Above “let her be a normal baby”. I was inside the birth room, holding my wife while she gave birth.

Anyway, one thing I remember clearly is the day when we took our newly born baby home. We had no car, so we borrowed one from our neighbor. It was a good car but was not so comfortable in my opinion. May be it was just my feeling, but at that time I really felt the importance to have a special car seat for our baby, so I drove very carefully and a bit slower than normal and finally brought her home safe and sound.

Today when my sister-in-law came to visit us, I told her that they should get one of those convertible car seats. It will not be just for one time use because they have their own car. It can be useful for at least the next 2 or 3 years ahead until the baby grows to be a toddler. It would also be useful for the second arrival. Even probably for us, because we are planning to give Katrin a brother :). By the way, when browsing the internet for information about car seat for baby, I found this  interesting shopping site. They have a different style than any other normal shopping site. There are many kinds of things there listed in a simple order but informative enough. I think it’s worth a try for shoppers.

Celah Keamanan Pada BlackBerry

Research In Motion (RIM), perusahaan perangkat wireless asal Kanada yang lebih dikenal sebagai developer handheld BlackBerry belum lama ini mengumumkan kepada para pengguna BlackBerry mengenai adanya celah keamanan khususnya bagi yang menggunakan BlackBerry Application Web Loader versi 1.0 dan Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE).

Kelemahan ini secara spesifik terdapat pada ActiveX control pada BlackBerry Application Web Loader yang dapat mengakibatkan kondisi buffer overflow. Kondisi ini dapat dieksploitasi oleh cracker sehingga memungkinkan untuk mengeksekusi suatu kode program dari jarak jauh atau memacetkan MSIE. ActiveX control tersebut digunakan oleh MSIE untuk menginstal aplikasi-aplikasi pada BlackBerry.
Kelemahan ini akan dialami oleh pengguna BlackBerry yang browsing ke website yang didesain untuk menginstall BlackBerry Application Web Loader ActiveX control melalui koneksi USB. Jika pengguna memilih “Yes” untuk menginstal dan menjalankan ActiveX control maka akan mengakibatkan terjadinya celah keamanan ini.

Disamping RIM, pihak Microsoft pada websitenya juga telah mengeluarkan pengumuman mengenai hal ini.
Celah keamanan ini dapat diatasi dengan mengistall versi BlackBerry Application Web Loader terbaru yang dapat diperoleh pada website blackberry.