backup data from one windows xp to another with rsync

here’s the scenario:
you have a laptop running windows xp and a pc with bigger storage also running windows xp. you want to regularly copy(backup) some data in your laptop to the pc. there are a few ways to do so:

1. use a flashdisk or other removable media (it’s very inconvenient)

2. networked both computers either with a hub or crossed utp cable and then install ftp server (eg.ftp serv-u) on the pc and then use ftp client software (eg. cuteftp) to transfer files between them. of course you have to select the files manually. it’s less convenient too.

3. networked both computers either with a hub or crossed utp cable and then use rsync(deltacopy) for windows.

after you download deltacopy, create a new folder called deltacopy (both on the pc and laptop) and then extract the file into it.

on the pc:

1. like i said before, the pc is where you want to backup your files. from the deltacopy folder, run DeltaS.exe file and then click “Register Windows Service” button. type your account name and password (administrator rights) and click ok.
2. on Deltacopy Server Console click on Start Server button. the red light should turn to green light. if it doesn’t work, go to the next step. if it does, go to step 6.

3. now go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools and double click the services icon to open the services window.

4. look for Deltacopy Server, right click on it and then click properties. click on the Log On tab and then under Log On as: click on Local System Account and then click ok. (this to modify account name on step 1 above because sometimes it doesn’t work)

5. now go back to Deltacopy Server Console and click on Start Server button. the red light should now turn to green light.

6. from windows explorer create a new folder where you want your backup files reside.
7. back to Deltacopy Server Console click the Virtual Directories tab. right click on   < Add New Directory> and click Add New Directory, type a name and click OK.

8. click on the name and then browse to find folder on step 6, click on the folder, click ok and then close

9. now go to Start->Control Panel->Windows Firewall, click on Exceptions tab, click Add Port, type rsysnc for name and 873 for port and then click OK untill the Windows Firewall window closed.

on the laptop :

1. from the deltacopy folder, run DeltaC.exe file. right click on Add New Profile and click add profile. type a profile name and the ip of the pc, for virtual directory name use what you typed on step 7. uncheck Assign to scheduler (we’ll do this manually), and then click Test connection. you should see connection successfull.

2. right click on the profile name and then click Run Now. a window will pop up showing that it starts building file list and copying. it might takes a few minutes.
when finish, it will look like this :
i’d like to thank Wayne Davison for the software.

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