blocking spam with foreign language or alphabet or characacter

sometimes we get spam of foreign language that we don’t understand. we don’t even know the alphabet, very annoying. there are plenty of them, some from romania, china or greek. we can set spamassassin to give them higher score and then treat them as spam. here’s how to do it (tested on 3.1.4) : Continue reading “blocking spam with foreign language or alphabet or characacter”

i won’t recommend starone anymore

i’ve been using starone from indosat for my internet connection at home for about a year. i chose them because they offer a package which is affordable for me, the cheapest that i could find :). i have to pay 99.000 rupiah a month for maximum 1 Gig of usage. if i use more than that, they’ll charge me 300 rupiah per Meg. i usually pay around 100.000 to 125.000 rupiah a month.

at first i was quite satisfied with the connection, i could browse the internet and login to remote server comfortably. and everytime i meet a friend, i always recommend them to use starone too. it’s cheap and fast enaugh. but starting about a couple of months ago, i don’t remember exactly, i feel the connection is no longer stable. on certain period of time the connection is very slow, it’s no longer comfortable to browse the internet. but it was still tolerable because it happened only for a while, an hour or so.

but lately it’s getting worst, i can’t open even a single page, and it happen for hours. like yesterday for example. i had been online for about 2 hours and then around 3 pm i felt the connection was slow, some pages couldn’t get loaded completely, so i decided to go offline. at the evening my wife started to get online about 8 pm, 30 minutes later she complained because the connection was slow. so she went offline. about 9 pm i started to get online, i could not open a single page. i was very upset.

this thought about stop recommending starone has been on my mind for the last few days…… i finally put it on my blog so people would think at least twice before applying for starone.

here are some tests i did to test the connection lastnight. because i couldn’t open page at all, i login by ssh to a remote server (very slow to connect) and tried to download a file to see how the speed was. here’s my first capture (look at the transfer rate, it’s only 0,1 KB/sec) :

about an hour later the capture turned like this (no progress, transfer rate is now 0,0KB/sec) :

so from now on i would recommend “please think twice before you apply for starone”
look at the ping capture above, very unstable connection, wasting my time….. :((