how i persuade my daughter

ever since i got scholarship for master degree, i have more time to be at home with my daughter. she’s 3 year-old. lately it’s hard to tell her to take a bath. she always has excuses not to. if we force her, she’ll cry and get mad. so we must find a way to persuade her. this morning she refused to take a bath and prefer to watch children song video clip. the girls on the clip are singing and dancing and they look happy. i suddenly remembered we have a book with a picture of a poor girl lying on a bed. she’s so skinny and sick because she’s suffering from malnutrition.
so i had an idea to compare the girls on tv with the girl in the book. i told my daughter that the girls on tv are happy and pretty because they take a bath and have meal everyday but the poor girl in the book doesn’t like to take a bath and have meal. i asked her to choose which one she would become. she chose the girls on tv. so i said to her that she had to take a bath right now.
she agreed but she wanted to drink her milk first and then she would take a bath. and so it was.
well i lied a little about the poor girl in the book, but at least i made my daughter to take a bath this morning. but i have to find another way next time if this one doesn’t work anymore 🙂

china, the world’s latest buzz

Basketball player Yao Mi...Image by Getty Images via Daylifelately i notice that many people are talking about china. in the news on tv, newspaper, mylot, even in the classroom my lecturer talked about it. how successful they are and that we should learn from them. well the chinese surely doing a lot of progress in the last view years.
they are very creative and productive, they have a lot to export, they bombard the world with their products. some that can easily be found in my region are fruits, milk, motorbikes, cars, cellphone, washing machine, tv, air cond., clothes, sandals, shoes, etc. even my daughter’s hair accessories. anywhere you go you see stuff “made in china”.

how come they achieve so great? the following are what i was told. it’s because every chinese has to work. i’m sure it’s any kind of work but not crime. everyone is given a chance to do what they like and work to be the best. for example, if you like badminton, you play badminton and make yourself a master of it. wages in china are low, no matter what skill you have. but the government provides most of your basic needs. education is free, health treatment is free, transportation is free, etc. so parents don’t have to worry about their children’s needs because the government will fulfill them.

consequently you can’t be rich. i think for many of us this can be a problem. but maybe for those who likes to live modestly it’s acceptable. what’s important in life is being happy, money comes later. are the chinese happy? if you’re happen to be a chinese who lives in china, i’m waiting for your comment.

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