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Using a private key to encrypt (thus signing) ...Image via Wikipediamost of us may experience that email we send to yahoo users end up in their bulk folder. this happened because yahoo, and also gmail, already implementing a new standard originally proposed by yahoo to fight spam.

domainkeys works by involving the use of private and public key when sending and recieving email. a sender is generating a pair of the keys and then use the private key on the mail transfer agent (MTA) like qmail, postfix,etc. to sign every email that goes out from it. the public key is published in the DNS record. when a recipient MTA receive the email it will check the signed email with the public key on the DNS record. if they are not matched, the email can be considered as spam or sent by unauthorized MTA, so it cannot be trusted.
it’s a very good method to reduce spam, unfortunately it’s not that simple. it would be perfect if only all MTA on the internet already implemented it. so far not many MTA does. and we can’t just reject email that comes from a MTA that has no domainkeys.

with this new standard, it doesn’t mean that the days of spammers are ended. because they can also implement this domainkeys. it’s just that they would be easier and faster for us to recognize and then reject them. but there’s opinion saying that it’s not really a problem for them because domain name is cheap and they can easily buy another and use it to send spam again (with domainkeys). when they feel they had enough (may be some of us reject them), they will leave it and buy another again. this goes on and on again.
but for a case like this, i think there’s already a good method like this one for example.

so if you got here because you use qmailrocks and want to add domainkeys capability on it, i only have suggestion here for you to consider. AFAIK qmailrocks has not provide domainkeys in it’s installation guideline. what we actually need to know is how to put domainkeys on qmail-smtpd, so we need to change the way that we usually run it as according to qmailrocks and find another way. we can use john simpson’s way to do so, but we also need to adjust some of our current installations to his.Related articles by Zemanta

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