yahoo messenger mobile on sony ericksson k300i and nokia 3660

i’ve been using mig33 on my k300i for some times. i’d like to try other software, so i searched the internet and found some interesting applications. i also have been searching a suitable one for nokia 3660 (MIDP 1.0) but found none so far. most of the software only support MIDP 2.0. so here’s the list of what i found:

1. agilemobile support MIDP 1.0 and 2.0 but it’s not free, there are monthly fee.

the following items are all free ,
2. ymtiny only for MIDP 2.0. no need to register, just download and then you can login to ym right away. it worked on k300i.
3. shmessenger support MIDP 1.0 and 2.0. it worked on k300i but couldn’t make it work on 3660. version for MIDP 1.0 can be found here. registration needed.
4. ebuddy, not available for 3660 and couldn’t make it worked on k300i. no need to register. can also be found here.
5. yamee, only for MIDP 2.0 but couldn’t make it work on k300i. no need to register.
6. Nimbuzz, version for k300i and 3660 both are available. this one looked promising. registration needed. first execution on k300i showed up message of not enough memory, suggested to send report via email to the support service. i did, waiting for answers now. the application successfully installed on 3660 but couldn’t make it work. at first it was connection problem, then there was also application error showed up on the screen.

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