Four levels of corruptor

i have a strong concern about corruption. i also definitely agree with those who says that corruption is one big factor that slowing down a country to be a prosper country. unfortunately i’m living in a country where people say that corruption has become it’s culture.
there’s an interesting article that i stumble upon when i surf around the internet. the writer has an oppinion that there are four levels or type of corruptor which makes me wonder which level i belong.

level 1 : this is an idealist character who think that any form of corruption should be avoided. everything that is done should be done with responsibility and honesty. this character has his own will to avoid corruption without enforcement from anyone or law. he would even sacrifice his interests for his idealism.

level 2 : this character is moderate when it comes to corruption. he realises that it’s not easy to avoid corruption at his work. But he never at his will to corrupt. it’s because of the system and culture at his work that is hard for him to resist. he realises that corruption is wrong but he has no courage against it even if he has the ability to do so.

level 3 : this character basicly is just a follower. he has no ability to initiate a corruption. when he corrupts, it’s just because there is a chance. he doesn’t do corruption aggressively. corruption is done because his salary is not enough for him to support his life and family. this character feels that he has no ability to avoid corruption.

level 4 : this is the real corruptor, because he is the inisiator. this character has the ability to create chance for corruption. this character consciously manipulating the system’s weakness to corrupt. he builds new system or modifies old system that opens possibilities for people to corrupt. the motif for corruption is not just to fulfill basic need for life but to grab as much as he can. the corruption is done to satisfy his own interest as well as his communion. he convinces people that what he does is a normal thing and should be adopted by anyone. he does so to gather companion and avoiding personal sue when the law finally comes.

well, i wonder where i belong…..

original writer in indonesian : Teguh Arifiyadi, SH

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guests from carcassonne

last week we had guests from carcassonne france. a mother and two children. natalie, alix and tom. they stayed with us for 3 days. we prepared a room for them and arranged a tour to several tourism object in jogja.
day 1 : we went to kaliurang to see waterfall near the bus terminal. unfortunately it’s dry season and there was no waterfall. there are many monkeys there and they become fierce when teased, especially to kids. tom and alix were chased by those monkeys and were almost bitten, the kids were so terrified. but it could be a lesson for them not to mess with beasts. there’s also a play garden there with some iron hammocks for the kids to swing. they loved the hammock.
we had lunch at one of those many “warung” there. we then went to plawangan to see merapi volcano from the observation tower. it was cloudy so nothing good to see. we then drove to prambanan temple, the ticket price for foreigner was 10 USD for adult and 5 USD for kid but free for the guide. after prambanan we went to boko temple which is nearby, about 3 km to the south. there we bought special offering ticket that was 75000 rupiah for adult and half the price for kids and once again free for the guide. this special ticket allowed us to enter the temple and get dinner package with sunset view. beautiful afternoon view.

day 2 : i took my wife and kid too and we went to borobudur temple, ticket for foreigner was 11 USD for adult and 6 USD for kid, but this time the guide had to pay too, it was 9000 rupiah. there were moments when alix was seperated from us, so i had to search her around for some times, i was almost gave up because it’s a big temple and there were many people. luckily there were people helped her went down from the temple and at the right time my wife saw her. she was terrified and crying. when she finally calmed down we exit the temple and took some times to rode elephants for 5000 rupiah each person.
and then on our way to ketep pass we stop for a while to see mendut temple, ticket was only 3000 rupiah, there’s a chamber inside the temple where we could see 3 big statues inside. the statues were still good (in one piece), not like statues in borobudur which are mostly already miss some part of their bodies.
we then had lunch at a “warung” in blabak to try kupat tahu, since the kids were not so interesting with the menu we then went to a restaurant (es eny) with many menu for them to picked up. then we continued to ketep pass, the ticket was 3000 rupiah for each person. there we watched movie about merapi volcano eruption and had to pay 5000 rupiah for each person. from ketep pass we could see merapi and merbabu a bit closer and also clearer if only there were no clouds. clouds ussually begin to fall at midday. there were some people rent binocular there.
from ketep pass we then went home and give some times for the guests to prepare themselves to watch ramayana ballet at prambanan. the show began at 07.30 pm and last about 2 hours. the ticket price for special class was 125.000 rupiah per 3: we started our tour by visiting the affandi museum, we need to pay 20.000 rupiah each person but only the adult needed to pay. usually the affandi museum open daily from 08.00 am to 04.00 pm and closed on sunday, but we were lucky because they were expecting a group of visitors who already made a reservation. from affandi we continued to the sultan palace or keraton jogja. there were a lot to see there, there was also a traditional dance performance which only performed on sunday. the palace is open daily for visitors from 08.00 am to 02.00 pm except on friday only untill 11.00 am.
we then walked down to see how people make batik in a place nearby the palace. natalie bought a batik picture of rama and sinta for 150.000 rupiah, at first it was offered for 280.000 rupiah. the seller said that the picture is the simbol of harmony and it’s good for your household. he also assured that it’s waterproof and is a good quality. you can wash it without losing the colour. he even demonstrated it.
we then went to a chinese restaurant for lunch. i took them there because the other day at kaliurang they loved to eat the noodle which was cooked in javanese taste, i hoped they would also liked it in chinese taste. after lunch we went to imogiri which is the graveyard of the kings and the royal family of the centeral java rulers. we had to wear a special clothes called kemben if we want to climb up and see the kings’ tombs. if we don’t have it, they provide the clothes for 5000 rupiah a piece. imogiri only opened for visitors on monday, friday and sunday, we also need to pay for entering the place but the nominal is at our will.
we then wanted to go to parangtritis beach but the time was short and we were afraid that the guests could lose their flight to jakarta. so we canceled parangtritis and went to the airport instead.

we had to say good bye at the airport and when we got home, there was like something missing and katrin keep asking where alix and tom…. we had good times with them. well, hopefully we could meet again in the future. may be
in france…..