Transfer PuTTY settings/configuration between computers

1. Click Start->Run and type “RegEdt32” in the “Open” dialog. Click “Ok”
2. One RegEdt32 starts, you’ll be presented with an application
3. Press “Ctrl+F” to bring up the Find dialog. Enter the name of the key, “SimonTatham” in the “Find What” field, and make sure only “Keys” is checked in the “Look At” section of the dialog. Finally, click “Find Next”
4. When the search completes we’ll see the key name for which we’re looking.
5. Click File->Export. Give your file an appropriate name like, “putty.reg” and click “Save”
6. We’re done! Save the putty.reg file somewhere safe. The file doesn’t contain any passwords or actual SSH key values so, it’s relatively safe from prying eyes. Still, it does contain your configuration and that kind of data is a private matter.
7. Now on the target computer right click on the putty.reg file and choose merge

error 13 /root/tmp mysql_install_db

i got such error when installing mysql 5.0.51a for Linux (non RPM, Intel C/C++ compiled, glibc-2.3) on mandrake 10. it took me some hours to make it work…. with google’s help :). here’s the story….

a normal binary distribution installation should be as simple as this (from mysql reference manual or BINARY-INSTALLATION file after unpacking):

shell> groupadd mysqlshell> useradd -g mysql mysqlshell> cd /usr/localshell> gunzip < /path/to/mysql-VERSION-OS.tar.gz | tar xvf -shell> ln -s full-path-to-mysql-VERSION-OS mysqlshell> cd mysqlshell> scripts/mysql_install_dbshell> chown -R root  .shell> chown -R mysql datashell> chgrp -R mysql .shell> bin/mysqld_safe --user=mysql &

on a system where another mysql daemon is already running(eg. mine already running 4.18), the first two lines above could be skipped and the base directory(basedir) could be other than /usr/local (eg. /home/mysql)

the error 13 showed up when i ran scripts/mysql_install_db, why did it try to write to /root/tmp ? it was because the TMP variable set to /root/tmp.
$ env | grep TMP

so i needed to tell the script to write to other writeable directory.

$ mkdir /tmp/mysql
$ chown mysql.mysql /tmp/mysql

to tell the script about /tmp/mysql

$ cp /home/mysql/support-files/my-medium.cnf /home/mysql/my.cnf
$ vi /home/mysql/my.cnf
add TMPDIR=/tmp/mysql under [mysqld] section then save and quit the file. now do

$ cd /home/mysql
$ scripts/mysql_install_db –basedir=/home/mysql –datadir=/home/mysql/data –user=mysql –force –defaults-file=/home/mysql/my.cnf

$ vi support-files/mysql.server
edit basedir= and datadir= to
basedir=/home/mysql and datadir=/home/mysql/data then save and quit

$ support-files/mysql.server start

now try to login

$ bin/mysql -u root -h


next step is to secure the server