quality of allied telesyn switch

most of switches used in my organization are allied telesyn. recently i have a strange experience with our servers at dmz. upload files via ftp is very slow and never completed at all, but the download is fine and normal. i’ve tried sftp too but also had the same problem. slow upload but normal download.
i suspected the problem was on our mikrotik router which using HP desktop. i thought may be it was the LAN card. i even built a new mikrotik router using IBM thinkcenter to replace the HP. but did not have the chance to replace it because i had another thought that it could be the switch allied telesyn AT-FSW716 who caused the problem.
so i took a cross cable, plug it to connect the mikrotik and a server directly, then do ftp again from a computer on LAN zone. the result was very good, upload is very fast as it was the download. so my guess was right that it could be the switch who caused the problem.
so then i took a new switch from our supply, it’s AT-FS750/16 and installed it on the rackmount under the troubled AT-FSW716… move all cables to the new switch and rip off the troubled switch from the rack…. 🙂
test upload and download again, the result was very well… 🙂 what’s the lesson in this? do not use AT-FSW716 ever again…….

Backtrack 2 kismet with usb DWL-G122 B1

This is about using kismet in backtrack 2 with dlink usb wireless, here’s what i did to make it work :
1. boot backtrack 2 live cd, login, do startx and open a terminal window.
2. $ vi /etc/kismet/kismet.conf and find the line source= and change it to this :
save the file and then run
$ kismet
on kismet console press h button on your keyboard to get help

Now to connect to a wireless access point with wpa:

1. get out from kismet with shift+q
2. this is assuming the access point provides dhcp. do :
$ vi iwconfig
press i button on your keyboard and then write these lines :
ifconfig rausb0 up
iwpriv rausb0 enc 3
iwpriv rausb0 auth 3
iwconfig rausb0 essid “The_AP_Essid”
sleep 1
iwpriv rausb0 wpapsk “The_Passphrase”
sleep 1
iwconfig rausb0 essid “The_AP_Essid”
iwconfig rausb0 mode managed
dhcpcd rausb0
ifconfig -a

press escape button and then save the file and get out by giving :wq command

3. $ chmod 755 iwconfig
4. $ ./iwconfig

it should work. i’ve also tried this on ubuntu feisty and it work, but sometimes the connection dies, so need to run the script again. btw, on ubuntu you need to add sudo in front of every lines in the script except #!/bin/bash