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i have to admit that google has been very helpful for my daily work. when i got confuse and need information about something, i just type the word in google’s search box and hit the enter button on my keyboard. i think that’s a very ussual thing for most people…. 🙂 other thing that i mostly do when i need to know the meaning of a word is to type define:word in google’s search box and wait for the result. like this for example :



Definisi untuk obligated tak ditemukan dalam bahasa Indonesia

Penjelasan dari obligated di Web dalam bahasa Inggris:

  • obligated(p): caused by law or conscience to follow a certain course; “felt obligated to repay the kindness”; “was obligated to pay off the …
  • An obligation can be legal or moral. There are also obligations in other normative contexts, such as obligations of etiquette, social obligations, and possibly theIn terms of politics, obligations are requirements that are to fulfill. …
  • honestly…. google is very helpful……

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